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Immunity & Detoxification

Fire    and    Water
The development of modern science, which is trying to go beyond the realm of the gods, gives modern people various benefits of material civilization from the cradle to the grave. However, the human spirit is becoming the opposite. In other words, we are becoming enslaved people rather than masters of material things. Ironically, the more scientific civilization develops, the more various diseases increase. 
Why do we keep getting problems and more sick despite advances in medicine? We now might be living in a billowing sea of suffering.
As time passes, the human mind's desire increases, the body seeks more comfort, and our taste seeks more taste addiction.
In the end, this is because anger, anxiety, greed, anxiety, stimulating food, environmental pollution, etc., promote evil energy and distort the flow of energy up and down, resulting in various diseases such as menopausal symptoms, stress-related neurological conditions, digestive and sleep disorders, high blood pressure, chronic diseases
That is, the part of the up head becomes hot, and the below of the bottoms cools. Ultimately, our body is slowly full of toxins, and immunity worsens. To escape this affliction, we must raise the cold energy like water and lower the hot energy like fire. 'Water energy' is inherently stable and calm. It reflects the function of the blood and can be understood as the function of the parasympathetic nervous system. 'Fire energy,' on the other hand, is a state of excitement and passion. It reflects the function of yang energy and can be understood as a function of the sympathetic nervous system. In other words, you have to do well with 'Su-Seung-Hwa-Gang (Water and Fire Circulation).' It is a detox for the body and mind and a way to increase the immune system.
What is the truth and essential in life? We must change before it is too late.
You must strengthen your mental powers and control your material desires to change this world of affliction to the world of paradise. The Won Wellness Center hopes to connect with you as a guide leading the way.
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