Water and Fire Energy Circulation!

The law of nature is that the energy of fire burns and the energy of water flows. In other words, hot energy gathers up and cold energy gathers down. 

There is a point to be well-understood here. Water up and Fire down Energy Circulation does not mean that the water goes up and the fire goes down. It means that cold energy like Water should be raised and the hot energy like Fire should be lowered.


Water energy is a stable and calm in nature, it reflects the function of the blood and can be understood as a function of parasympathetic nervous system. On the other hand, Fire is a state of excitement and enthusiasm, it reflects the function of Yang energy, and can be understood as a function of the sympathetic nervous system.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, KD correspond to Water and those who have developed the energy of water have excellent predictive ability. This year is the Rat, which means that the mouse is very good at predicting, fertility, diligent and good patience. KD means endocrine system and there are diseases like diabetes, dysmenorrhea, infertility, abdominal pain, indigestion, anorexia, leukorrhea and diarrhea.


The HT in Western medicine refers to the anatomical heart itself in the chest, but the heart in Oriental medicine refers to more comprehensive concept as involving Emotions than consciousness, cognition, sensitivity, and blood vessel. Therefore, the meaning of Heat in the HT is equivalent to neurosis or stress related disease in Western medicine. (Like mental or emotional disorder as a result of repressed anger or stress, heart issue, anxiety, amnesia, dizziness, insomnia, heartburn, lots of dreams, dry mouth, tinnitus, pink eye, headache, etc.). More anatomically, physiologically speaking, the heart is the heart of the body organ including the brain, which regulate consciousness, emotional activity and blood vessel.


These two Water & Fire supposed to exchange each other as ascending and descending with alternation. However, anger, covetousness, stimulus food, and environmental pollution encourage Evil energy and distorting the flow of up & down energy and causes various diseases like menopausal symptoms, neuroses, high blood pressure, and chronic diseases in western medicine. It's compared to a divorce between couples or a break up between business partners, wars between countries. 


In order to treat and prevent these diseases, TCM uses Qigong, Meditation, and Dao Yin therapy as a way to use quick and easy for Water Up and Fire Down circulation. This method has been scientifically proven in many ways, especially for athletes. It is also widely used by the public for effective physical and mental health promotion.


According to PubMed, slow breathing techniques act enhancing autonomic, cerebral and psychological flexibility in a scenario of mutual interactions. We found evidence of links between parasympathetic activity (increased HRV and LF power), CNS activities (increased EEG alpha power and decreased EEG theta power) related to emotional control and psychological well-being in healthy subjects. 


Water & Fire energy circulation is not special or different. You can imagine of the moment praying what you really wish or walking on the sand in the beach and if you laugh a lot. These are all Water up Fire down circulation. After all, our bodies will change when we perceive ourselves as one of nature.


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