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Kids Love Acupuncture
Why does Acupuncture work for my child?
It's Natural, Safe, and Outstanding for Chronic conditions.

Q & A

Q1: Can acupuncture help your child?

Yes, it can. If your child has a health problem that isn’t resolving in a timely manner or responding well to Western medical treatments, chances are good acupuncture can help. Acupuncture safely and effectively treats many common pediatric conditions and has been used in Asia for thousands of years. We focus on understanding your child’s health condition and creating an individual healing program that addresses your child’s symptoms along with the underlying root cause. Individual healing programs include a combination of Acupuncture or non-needle techniques

as below,

* Acupressure & tuina massage

* Recommend changing diet and lifestyle

* Prescribing natural remedies like Herbal medicine 

* Seasonal and preventative support

Q2: Does my child have to do acupuncture or other options available?

We have many different treatment options for children, so acupuncture is optional. On the first visit, we will show your child what “taps” are and ask them if they’d like to give it a try. When most kids see how easy and fast it is, they’ll try it. However, it’s most important for us to build trust with your child. So, if your child is still reluctant, we can switch to non-needle techniques like micro-current, acupressure, ear seeds, or a special pediatric massage called Tuina. Non-needle techniques have a similar therapeutic effect to acupuncture and can be effectively used instead. We find that, in most cases, once we build trust and rapport with a child, they will eventually try acupuncture.

Q3: Have more questions? 

Visit our Won Wellness Center for more questions.


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