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The coronavirus is spreading all over the world, and everyone is in panic. The mind is now also contaminated and suffers from anxiety and anger, which controls disorder.
Vaccines are in development, but we don't know when this will end, so we all need to pay close attention to preventing infection.
Because the Coronavirus, which has many secrets, is highly contagious, each individual needs to pay attention to personal hygiene and health care.
Especially, people with weak immunity are fatal, viruses that are easily infected. Even if treated, secondary infection relapse is likely to in progress.
The reason why is that the virus weakens the innate immune system and the humoral immune system by reducing the function of T cells and neutrophils.
The human body has a self-healing immune system that fights against antibodies by introducing antigens such as bacteria and viruses.
This autoimmune cell is a cell whose main task is to kill a host infected with a tumor or virus, and it boosts the body's immunity with cytokines or functions in various organs and tissues.
Therefore, we must strengthen autoimmunity to prevent and treat the Wuhan virus.
When the immunity is healthy, the majority of people get infected and usually get better after 3 to 5 days. In the data released by analyzing the tens of thousands of confirmed persons at the China CDC, 80% said that they passed by mildly. That is why the mortality rate is not so high compared to infection.

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